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One of Us

Hands Up

March 8th, 2021

On the occasion of the International women’s Day and of the 160 anniversary of diplomatic relations between Italy and the US, the Consulate General of Italy in Los Angeles and director/producer Chiara Tilesi of Frequency Productions, alongside Violetta Group and We Do It Together, present One of Us, a short documentary series about Italian women that distinguished themselves for extraordinary achievements in different fields such as finance, the arts, entrepreneurship and science, amongst others. The four women are Assia Grazioli-Venier, venture capitalist, investor and Juventus Football Club Board Member; Cinzia Zuffada, Associate Chief Scientist at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Elisa Sednaoui, model, social entrepreneur, and film director and actress Stefania Spampinato. Featuring original music by composer Elena Maro, the episodes will take viewers into the life journey of each fascinating woman, touching on their background and personal stories that shaped them into the people they are today.

Hands Up
Image by Becca Tapert

One of Us

Season 2


‘One Of Us’ - Season 2 - West Coast is directed by Chiara Tilesi, presented by the Consulate General of Italy Los Angeles and Frequency Production; in association with We Do It Together and the Italian Cultural Institute Los Angeles. Featuring Raffaella Camera, Giada De Laurentiis, Gabriella Pession, and Federica Raia. Produced by Debora Guetta, Silvia Chiave, and Chiara Tilesi. Director of Photography: Jacki Moonves.

 Production company: Frequency Production.

Please, visit the Consulate General YouTube Channel to watch it.

_One Of Us-Season2_EAST Poster_RND3.jpeg

The docu-film, produced by the Embassy of Italy and the Italian Cultural Institute in Washington DC, in collaboration with Frequency Production, marks this year’s International Women’s Day and features the stories of five Italian women – including Ambassador Zappia’s – who pursued a career in the United States and distinguished themselves for (extra)ordinary achievements in various fields, from diplomacy, to science arts, business. They are stories of courage, of unity, strength, mentorship, and empowerment.

The women featured in the documentary are: Cecilia Alemani, artistic director of the 59th Venice Biennale; Natalia Bergamaschi, strategic partner lead at Google; Cristina Cassetti, Branch Chief of the Virology Branch Division of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health (NIH); Isabella Rossellini, Italian American actress, author, philanthropist, and model; Mariangela Zappia, Ambassador of Italy to the United States.

Please, visit the Embassy of Italy's YouTube Channel to watch it.

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