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Tell It Like a Woman

Hands Up

June 28th, 2022

“Tell It Like a Woman”, a project I joined last year, premiered on June 28th at Taormina Film Fest along with premieres of films like “ENNIO”, just to name one ( as an Italian composer I can’t be but even more thrilled about this! ) .


The project was presented with the "Excellence Award"

“Tell It Like a Woman” is a collective collaboration between women in film that includes seven short segments from USA, India, Italy, Japan and features talents like Eva Longoria (segment “Lagonero”), director Tarjai P.Henson and recently EGOT status achiever Jennifer Hudson (segment “Pepcy and Kim”) and actor Pauletta Washington, Italian director Maria Sole Tognazzi and actor Margherita Buy (segment “Unspoken”).
Singer Sofia Carson performs the original song for the film “Applause” written by legendary Dianne Warren.


The animation segment “Aria” directed by the two young and very talented Italian directors Lucia Bulgheroni and Silvia Carrobbio features my original score that includes amazing vocal performances by the fabulous Lauren Paley which I recorded remotely from LA in Nashville in a flawless session with fantastic engineer Doug Sarrett at Uno Mas Studio (thank you both for giving life to my notes) .
Here’s to a better future where people will actually collaborate and respect each other’s work and GET TOGETHER for real to create inspiring and empowering content like this film!

Hands Up
tell It Like A WOman Applause FYC Elena Maro
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